Video Of A Cow Waiting For Its Owner To Take It Home Goes Viral

The video has received a lot of comments and is gaining popularity.

Numerous incidents and examples demonstrate the strong link between humans and animals. Pet animals like dogs, cows, horses, and goats are excellent illustrations of this endearing attachment.

A viral video of a cow waiting patiently for its owner serves as another evidence of the strong relationship of trust that exists between people and animals. The cow is shown in the video waiting to cross the road on the other side of the zebra crossing, but despite the absence of any traffic, it is waiting patiently for its owner to arrive and show it the way, much like an obedient child.

Even though numerous drivers slowed down their cars to make room for her, the cow remained waiting for its owner to take it home across the street, by the pedestrian crossing. The video was distributed on the American social news aggregation website Reddit.

Watch the video here:

The wonderful video has drawn many comments and become increasingly popular.

“The woman’s voice in the video says that everyday a granny walks this cow to the pasture, and when the cow has grazed enough and wants to go back, it comes to the crossing and waits for the granny (mooing periodically). Towards the end of the video, you can see the granny coming to walk the cow back home,” commented another user.

“I don’t understand how people can justify it. My aunt runs a ranch up in Canada, and every single one of her animals is like a child to her. She stopped raising pigs because every time she had to slaughter them, it actually hurt her. Now she just raises dairy cows, and she treats them like royalty,” one user commented.

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