Tamil Nadu Teacher Hits Child On Head With Stick Over Math Question

Viral video has prompted a probe by the Education Department; police on it too. (Video grab)


A video showing a child being hit with a stick and being abused over his struggle with a math sum at a government school in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district has gone viral.

The 6.38-minute video, which NDTV could not independently verify, shows a woman, apparently a teacher, hitting the boy on his knuckles and head at least five times with a stick as he struggles with addition and subtraction assignments.

She is also heard abusing the boy, calling him an “ox” and asking him to “get lost”, as he struggles with the sum on his slate. Two boys and a girl are standing with him.

The teacher has been suspended.

The undated video appears to have been filmed from a corridor outside the class through the door and a window. It shows another small group of children seated in the same class accompanied by a woman, also believed to be a teacher. 

Asked about it, the District Education Officer told NDTV, “We are examining the video. Half-yearly examinations are on, so there is no regular class. The block-level officer is rushing there.  We will get back to you soon.” 

Police have taken note. “We have not received any complaint yet. We have made a general diary entry based on the video. We have also asked the top education officer in the district to investigate,” said Superintendent of Police S Sakthi Ganesan. 

Unconfirmed reports say the video was recorded this morning at a government primary school near Chidambaram.

The state government formally banned corporal/physical punishment in 2007. 

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