Swiggy Asks Which Foods Twitter Relates To Breakup – Responses Will Surprise You

Food is our companion in times of joy, and our solace in times of distress. So when food delivery platform Swiggy asked Twitter what food they relate to heartbreak, it was bound to evoke emotions. Swiggy took to the micro-blogging site on December 21, 2022, and asked the users what is the one dish they associate with breakup and the post got flooded with various comments. And we understand why. Our favourite foods have the ability to instantly lift up our mood and help us get in touch with our more profound thoughts. It could be chocolate for you or a nice tonic drink. Check out what foods other people pick to tend to their broken hearts. 

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“What’s the first dish that comes to your mind when you hear heartbreak?” wrote Swiggy in its post. It piqued our curiosity to scroll through all the replies and it didn’t surprise us that most people chose ice cream to deal with their heartbreak. 

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Take a look at Swiggy’s Twitter post: 

Within a day’s time, the post attracted hundreds of likes and several comments. While ice cream topped the list, it was interesting to see a variety of foods that people eat during a heartbreak. Besides ice cream, chocolate and biryani were mentioned by many users. And some replies amazed us with food options of samosa, chocolate, gol gappe, chur chur naan (maybe, implying chur chur of the heart), pav bhaji, dal baati, burger, pizza, banana pudding, kadak chai and cake among others.  

Some users went the extra mile to share the details of their situation. One user shared their pre-heartbreak and post-heartbreak meal plan, and another confronted Swiggy that they were heartbroken after Swiggy didn’t deliver their order.  

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Check out some of the interesting comments here: 

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