McDonalds New Zealand Employee Quits Job Mid-Shift; Heres Why

The Internet is one interesting place for all. Every day, we come across various types of news that leave us surprised, amused and even disgusted at times. Recently, another such news grabbed all our attention. It was about a McDonald’s employee from New Zealand, who decided to quit his job in the middle of his shift. Wonder why? According to a report in, he took such a step after he was asked to clean the cooking equipment. That’s not all. The person also shot the whole incident and posted it on social media. “They really thought I was going to clean that,” the caption read.

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The report further read that the 26-second clip featured the dishes in the sink. He was heard saying, “Hell no, I am not cleaning that, I ain’t cleaning that.” The decision enraged the manager and he screamed, “No! Get back here!” To this, the man replied, “I quit, I’m leaving Maccas.”

Reportedly, the video took the internet by storm and garnered 2.9 million views, with people reacting to it in the comments section. “I work at McDonald’s. I feel you,” wrote a person. Another person wrote, “Not even that bad; it’s like 20 minutes of work”.

However, the video was later removed from social media due to “harassment and bullying”, the report reads.

This is not the first time that McDonald’s workers have quit their jobs. Earlier, a video went viral on social media that featured a note reading, “Everyone quit we are closed.” Click here to know more about the incident.

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