Man Flies Using A Jetpack, Twitter Says “The Future Is Here”

New Delhi:

A video that has gone viral on the Internet shows a man hovering above the ground and moving in the air using a jetpack.

Uploaded on Twitter, the clip opens with a person who has a jetpack mounted on his back while flames can be seen coming out of it. Soon, the man spreads his arms and takes off using the jet pack as people on the ground watch and record the stunt. He also takes big leaps from one spot to another before pulling off a controlled landing at the end. “The future is here,” the caption read.

The video has gained traction on the platform amassing more than a million views and drawing a number of responses.

One suggested that the jetpack could have been inspired by the popular Marvel superhero Iron Man.

“A supervillain is born,” a user wrote.

“Tony Stark made that when he was 8,” a person said.

Another highlighted the areas where the jetpack could be used.

“So now we can see a sky full of humans flying (missing flock of birds in the sky nowadays) … No other transportation needed, which is good, saving different types of energies, no traffic jams on the road. Air traffic can be problematic,” a comment read.

“Why do I imagine Tom Cruise flying around on one of these soon,” a user wrote.

Some asked if the jetpack would be environment-friendly.

“One side it’s global warming issues raised due to combustion exhaust and then another side you use the fuel for such technologies…I hope this is green hydrogen-powered,” a person wrote.

One said, “I bet they could use something like that for astronauts exploring the moon. Not much thrust required.”

A user suggested, “Combine it with segway tech, make it hands-free, and it will be the future tactical uniform for anything.”

So, what do you think of the invention?

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