Biker’s Miraculous Escape After Coming Under Truck

A shocking video has come to light that shows a person having a close call as he was about to get mowed down by a moving truck while riding a bike.

In the video, uploaded on Instagram, a man is riding a bike beside a truck while cars are parked on either side of the road. Seconds later, as he goes past a parked car, the driver of the vehicle opens the door hitting him. The person, who is wearing a helmet, ends up on the road due to the impact and comes under the truck. However, he miraculously escapes the wheels of the truck and is crawling out towards the end of the clip.

The video soon gained traction and drew various responses from users.

“Biker totally wrong, overtaking on the right. It can only result in an accident,” a user wrote. Another described the man’s escape as a “miracle”.

Days ago, an elderly man narrowly escaped death after being knocked down by a bus while crossing the road in the Powai area of Mumbai. In the CCTV footage of the incident, the elderly man, dressed in kurta-pyjama, is trying to cross a busy road when a bus knocks him down from one side. He comes under the bus after which the driver immediately applies brakes and opens the door to check on him. The elderly then appears unscathed from behind the bus and is seen walking towards the driver. 

Earlier this month, a video had gone viral that showed a woman and her son huddled up close to the wall of a railway platform in Karnataka when a speeding train passed through the track they were crossing. The incident took place at Kalaburgi’s railway station where the duo was crossing the railway track to reach the other side. They fail to climb the platform immediately and instead sit by its wall waiting for the train to pass. 


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